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Im lonely and hungry and just watched netflix episodes of New Girl for 6 hours

And i just want to be fine….breh…like dmn

50 Things You Didn't Know About Kanye West


50. He lived in China for year in 5th grade.

49. His mom said he made kids in China give him sheep skewers in exchange for watching him breakdance.

48. Being a male porn star popped in his head “once or twice.”

47. He sold his first beat to local Chicago rapper Gravity for $8,800.


(Source: ruinedchildhood)

That’s why I’m so harsh, because I’m so sensitive.
Tupac (via insignif)

I wanna be skinny so I can wear leather jackets, v-necks, and straight legged jeans. yeah nigga. Steez bettah


Twerk Dat


Twerk Dat



Raider Nation: Behind the Makeup. Oakland folks and their fan alter-egos, shot by Matthias Clamer for ESPN Magazine.

This is what it’s like being a member of the Black Hole


i’ve dropped my phone countless times but it’s still good as new how come when white people drop it one time their entire screen shatters is this karma finally getting them back for centuries of racism